Activate Microsoft Office: all methods

activate microsoft office

Microsoft’s Office is the most known and widespread suite of office programs. Follow the Steps given Here to activate microsoft office on your PC. In many jobs and companies its programs are used, and its formats (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx) have become de facto standards.

Most often, with new computers, the Office package is included in a 30-day trial version. After the trial period has expired, to continue using the program you must purchase a license, or make a subscription to Office 365.

In our article, we will delve into all the methods to activate Microsoft Office.

How to activate Microsoft Office

Check if Office Activated or Not

Checking the status of the Microsoft suite is very simple, it only takes a few steps, you need to:

  1. launch one of the applications of the package (Word, Excel, PowePoint, Publisher, One Note);
  2. click on File at the top right of the interface;
  3. then choose the Account item ;
  4. here, in the left part, you will find all the information on the activation status and the item to click on to change the Product Key.

Activate Office via license key or product key

If you have a license or product key, activating Office is easy. The license inserted when requested during the installation procedure. And activation will take place automatically the first time you connect to the network. Or you can insert the license and proceed with the contextual activation after the first start.

The first time you start a program in the suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, or One Note) a dialog box will appear. Asking you to enter the product key or to log in with an active Office 365 account. Once the required data entered, activation if connected to the Internet will be automatic. Otherwise, the Office will check the validity of the Product Key offline. And then complete activation upon the first connection to the network.

Often those who activate Office, before they found themselves in front of the typical red bar. Associated with the block of the functions and the appearance of the message PRODUCT DEACTIVATED Most of the functions disabled. In this case, just press the Reactivate button, follow the wizard, and enter the Product Key.

If you do not have a license (and therefore a Product Key). Fortunately, the market offers several very favorable alternatives. There are valid and fully functional ESD licenses of Office 2016 under € 5. Just buy one, wait for the code to arrive. And insert it on your copy of Office to activate it once and for all.

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