How to Download and Activate Office 2016 Professional Plus on windows and MAc?

activate office 2016

In this guide, I explain how to download and activate Office 2016 Professional Plus for free in a few simple steps. The office is a suite of very popular programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access,  Publisher, etc. and in this guide, we will see how to install it.

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Download Office 2016 Professional Plus

Before moving on to see how to download Office 2016 Professional Plus let’s see where it is possible to find it to buy it cheap


If you want to save money to get Office 2016 for free (or almost) you can buy the whole Office suite at a price practically zero compared to the official website. In fact, you can find Office 2016 Professional Plus on Amazon for only € 6.90. Virtually nothing compared to the official price.

After completing the purchase as a normal order on Amazon. You will receive an email with the link to download the Office ISO that you can also burn and the activation code.

Then install Office via the downloaded ISO and when opening any program in the suite. Enter the serial code that provided to you. That code will only be usable on a PC.

As you have seen, it is very simple and fast to have Office 2016 Professional Plus for free (or almost) on Windows and Mac is very simple. Now you can safely use the entire Office suite in a legal and safe way.

Office 2016 Professional Plus

Before starting the guide I want to clarify that everything you read in this guide will be for illustrative purposes only. If you like the product, buy it by supporting the developers.

The guide will be divided into several paragraphs to have more organized work and to define the phases that will be carried out. First, log out of your Microsoft account in case you logged in.

Download office 2016 on your PC

To download Office 2016 Professional Plus for Windows, go to this link and download the file. That will allow you to install Office 2016 Professional Plus.

The download will take a while given the size of the file to be downloaded.

Install Office on PC

Open the file you just downloaded and run the Office installation. The installation may take several minutes. At the end open any program such as Word, check its operation and then close it.

Steps to Activate MS Office

Finally, we arrived in the last part of the guide, that of activation. To activate Office Professional Plus 2016 on Windows for free you only need to make small steps.

Go to Amazon and buy a license for Office 2016 at a very discounted price. You will be sent the code to insert in Office and it will finally be activated.

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