How to download and buy Office 2019?

buy office 2019

Office 2019, or the famous office software suite produced by Microsoft is finally available. It includes Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher, Access, Project, and Visio inside.

The supported operating systems are  Windows 10  and macOS. We write Windows 10 because Microsoft has excluded all its previous operating systems (Windows 7 and Windows 8.1) from compatibility. For which it will be possible to use Office 2016 and Office 365. The Office 2019 package can already be purchased by companies and is in pre-order for individuals.

Office 2019, the successor of Office 2016, added to the Office 365 version. That is the cloud service with which you can use Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Like web applications, from any device, you connected to, smartphone, tablet, and computer.

The news in Office 2019, includes all the innovations introduced in Office 365 Plus in the last 3 years. Where we find better support for Windows Ink and the new zero-mode distractions. In addition, the various programs in the suite have received specific improvements which are as follows:

On Word, we have the presence of the new Read Aloud function, an automatic reading tool. Thanks to which it will be possible to read the text and highlight the words. That dictated and the Text Spacing function to improve formatting.

On Excel, we have the arrival of the new AI-related functions. The program has become more intelligent in analyzing the type of data and the connections between the boxes. In addition, new features have been added that make new automation in spreadsheets possible.

On PowerPoint, we have the new morph transitions, the new zoom functionality. The addition and management of icons, the new and fun SVG and 3D models and new animations.

On Outlook  improved e-mail management, improvements in user profiles and support for Office 365 groups.

How can you buy Office 2019

As soon as it is available for private users, you can purchase a license with a box. Full price support through the official channels or comfortably through Amazon (where it is already bookable).

In the early days, it will be very difficult to find low-cost licenses such as those available for Office 2016. For this reason, those who want to use the Office 2019 without passing out have two ways:

  • Purchase an Office 365 Pro Plus license from the official channel for € 12.90 per month;
  • Purchase one of the countless Office 365 Pro Plus accounts (without expiration) available under 5 euros.

By following the second path, you will have an account with a predetermined username and password (which cannot be changed) which will be provided to you by the dealer. With these, you will have the possibility to install and use Office in an always updated version with the latest news (therefore also with those included on Office 2019 and on later versions) on 5 devices (Windows, Mac, Android and iOS), and right to 5 TB of cloud space on One Drive.

We recommend purchasing these accounts on eBay and via Paypal for a few reasons:

  1. eBay is the place where they are far cheaper;
  2. You have the right to customer protection, so in the case of a cheating seller you can immediately retaliate;
  3. Sellers terrified of negative feedback. So in case of any problem, they rush to give you assistance and solve it.

How to download Office 2019

To date, the new version of Office is only available in the form of a volume license for companies. When it will be available to individuals Microsoft will prepare a special page for download. As soon as the page and the licenses are available we will update this guide.

If you have an Office 365 Pro Plus account, as mentioned. You can already have access and try out the news, just:

  1. Connect to this page ;
  2. Enter your credentials (username and password);
  3. Click at the top right on the item Install Office apps ;
  4. And choose Office;

An executable will be downloaded on which just click to proceed with the installation.

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