Office 365:- How to activate your account and configure users

Office 365

Do you want to discover Microsoft Office 365?

With this guide, you will be able to know and implement Office 365 services and learn how to configure users to make the most of Microsoft’s tools and opportunities in the cloud.

What is Office 365?

It is a cloud service that offers all the most modern tools to guarantee an efficient and dynamic way of working for organizations of all sizes.

Office365 offers access to Microsoft Office applications , email services and apps for team sharing and collaboration .

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Why switch to office 365?

Microsoft Office offers much more than the simple Office package: it is a total cloud environment (therefore accessible wherever you are and from any device) from which you can access many applications and online services that can be very useful and also help medium organizations small to work better (from email in the cloud to document sharing to applications that help create content for marketing or websites)

Let’s start? Below is a guide of short video tutorials.


  1. Log in to and enter your administrator credentials (which you received via email from Microsoft)
  2. Click the Administration icon to access the Office 365 administration environment
  3. Click on Users> Add User
  4. This step allows you to create new users and add them to the list of users of the same existing O365 tenant. The O365 user directory can be integrated with the on-premises active directory possibly already implemented on your domain.
  5. Configure the parameters of the new user (for the e-mail address it is possible to use a domain owned by the organization)
  6. Generate a secure password (which you will be asked to change on the first login)
  7. Proceed to assign the licenses, that is to activate the applications for users according to their profile. And if you want to access the administration interface of the individual Office 365 products
  8. Send the new user a notification informing him that his account has been created
  9. Manage your users by dividing them into groups based on the access permissions assigned to them
  10. Access the administration interfaces of the individual products available in Office 365 by entering the verification code sent by the system on your mobile phone or another device.
  11. Two-factor authentication that avoids unwanted access to the administrator account

So far all clear? Review the steps in the clip


MS Office allows you to store and share documents and resources on the cloud.

For work documents for personal use, you can use OneDrive for Business. While for documents shared and updated by a work team you can use SharePoint

Let’s see these two tools in detail:

From the Office 365 environment, you can access  OneDrive. That you can also configure as a local app on your PC, and create folders where you can upload documents.

In this way, you will have a cloud space where you can store work documents for personal use. That you can also share with other people without moving them from your One Drive area.

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